Just before I started grad school and moved into SJC in 2002, I had a list of things I needed to buy for my new chapter in life. Along with a quart of molasses, I knew I had to get a flashlight. A torch was necessary in case of a power failure and/or late night panty raids. I chose to buy a Maglite since they were quite popular. Also, it came in a cool red aluminum finish.

About two years after I bought my Maglite, I was horrified to find out that the founder of Mag Instrument, makers of Maglites was a staunch Republican party supporter. Anthony Maglica had donated thousands of his flashlights to Bush Sr.’s inauguration, all part of that “thousand points of light” hoopla. Maglica was curiously silent with his donations towards the White House between the years 1992-2000. Maglica again started his charitable ways in 2001, once more donating flashlights to Dubya’s inauguration.

Six months ago, my Maglite finally burnt out its replacement bulb that came with the original packaging. I was faced with either getting a new bulb or just buying a new flashlight from another company. I chose the latter option. This weekend I picked up my first LED flashlight made by a company called Dorcy. Now I admit I have no clue if Dorcy leans red or blue but it can’t be worse than a company that blatantly cheers on for the bad guys.

See! We can even make flashlights political!

A final note, the archives have been updated (using a custom bug-filled C# application I wrote myself).


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