I’m not a big fan of “end of the year review” blog posts but it sure beats putting up a proof by contradiction.

So 2007 for me wasn’t as exciting as getting married and then having a vasectomy but then again, how often that does that happen? The last twelve months was a very simple time for me. In short, I could sum up my year like this: saved lots of money, advanced my career a bit, held a job for the longest period of my life, went to New York, went to Las Vegas, played some 360, worked lots of OT, and helped shipped a game called skate.

Yeah, I worked a lot of OT from pretty much early spring to late summer. It was ok though because it turned out to be good for my career and skate. turned out to be awesome. I can’t imagine how demoralized I’d be though if we had spent that amount of time on it and churned out something like Yaris.

Anyways, if I could be not modest for one brief moment, let me point out some accolades for my very first next-gen title.

GameSpy – Sports game of the year and top ten game for Xbox 360

GameSpy – Sports game of the year and top ten game for PS3

Official Xbox Community Sports Title of the Year

Best New Multiplatform IPs for 2007

Some random site’s top ten for the year

Australia thinks we’re ok

Last but not least, the editor of Planet Tony Hawk liked skate. better than this year’s version of Hawk.

“I just know that Skate entertained me an awful lot this year and kept my attention far longer than THPG did, even if I shouldn’t be saying that.”

I look forward to an even better 2008… but with less OT.

2 thoughts on “THE YEAR THAT WAS”

  1. “If you still find yourself pining to play it, consider banging your head against the wall for a few minutes or go watch a depressing movie. You can even consider falling down a flight of stairs. All of the above activities will be more entertaining than Yaris.”Ouch…not exactly a “publish on the packaging” quote.

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