After 14 days away from work on holiday, I return to a normal life on Thursday morning. It was a good holiday, especially the Las Vegas part, but I wished I hadn’t caught a cold for the last half of it. Being sick pretty much negated any post-Christmas plans. There were no chicken wing eating contests, moonlight strolls along the beach, nor dinners at Applebee’s. I actually spent New Year’s Eve blowing my nose at home but that was ok because that stuff was coming out green and thick.

Anyways, I’m feeling much better now and just in time for the daily commute. I’d also like everyone to know I’m wearing my new Christmas underwear as I type this. I get a few new pairs of underwear every year for the holidays. As an adult, I’ve come to appreciate underwear as a gift.

One thought on “BACK TO WORK”

  1. I got ZERO pairs of underwears for Festivus.At a certain age, men begin to appreciate them on the day.At a later age, men begin to expect them.I had to get new ones post-Festivus.So disappointed.

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