I’m leaving this morning for Las Vegas for a few days. I’ll be back on Sunday night. I am meeting up with some ex-SJCers there. A contingent of current SJC residents is already there and Newmark hails from Vegas, so he’s back for the holidays.

I’ll be meeting up with Tyson, Adam, and Phil. I haven’t seen Tyson since November of last year. I haven’t seen Adam since the Canada Day Classic of 2006. It’s been over two years since I’ve seen Phil.

It should be a good time. We haven’t planned much but I figure if we even just have a few beers together, it will have been worth the trip. Actually, I was thinking if I had more time, I would have arranged to have two hockey nets placed on top of a parking garage somewhere and we’d play a round of ball hockey, just like old times. That would have been awesome.

I don’t expect to be posting on the road, so I’ll be back on Sunday with a report.

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