I’m looking forward to the holidays. Among the many reasons, one of them is that I’ll have more time to write some quality posts. For both you, the readers, and me, that’s a good thing. In the meantime, here’s a quick peek at what I have in store. If posts were movies, these would be trailers and from the looks of it, there seem to be some sequels.

In a recent post, I wrote about how I’ve noticed that the general gaming public loves to hate my employer, Electronic Arts. In fact, it almost seems like the default cool thing to write “EA games suck” or “EA developers are lazy” on message boards. Beyond what I wrote in my original post, I have some more thoughts on this subject. Do you think I’ll agree with those statements above? You’ll find out soon enough.

During grad school, I wrote a post about the hypothetical situation in which, somehow, I became the last person on the planet. In my theoretical predicament, every other person had disappeared. I detailed how I might find shelter, food, and amusement. It was an interesting exercise. In light of seeing the new movie I Am Legend, I’d like to revisit this post and add on the details of survivors. I am no longer alone. Civilization is gone but I now also have to deal with light-fearing, violent former human beings. How do I survive now in the Greater Vancouver area?

I’d like to write a post about my left knee. That’s all I want to say about that for now.

I’ve recently discovered some old high school acquaintances on Facebook. From looking at their pictures, a large majority of them have now started families. I also met up with some of my old undergrad friends last week. Three out of the four couples there had at least one baby. The entire evening was almost exclusively baby talk. When I write that, I mean they were discussing babies, not speaking like a baby would. Anyways, being still single, I have some thoughts on seeing all that.

Last but not least, I’d like to discuss some orzo recipes that I have tried in the past.

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