The wrap party on Friday night turned out to be a very well-organized event. Held at the Century House, we had the whole place to ourselves. Inside, there was a huge skate. banner that almost hung from ceiling to the floor. All the wait staff and bartenders were decked out in official skate. t-shirts. Even the napkins had the game logo printed on them. Inside the former bank vault was a widescreen TV with the in-game videos running on a continuous loop.

The appies were plentiful and varied, ranging from cheese, to fruit, to meat, and seafood. There were lots of prizes to be won as well. I usually don’t win these type of things but I guess I was lucky that night. I won a Plan B prize pack which I still don’t know the contents of because I won’t get the goodies until I get to work tomorrow. I’m really hoping it includes a Plan B deck because that would be awesome. Coincidentally, my manager and I both won the same prize. A rendering engineer came up to us later wanting to trade his Fallen prize pack for ours. We both turned him down because we each were hoping we’d get decks. This is not to say Fallen doesn’t make great stuff but they don’t make decks and I already have a kick-ass pair of Fallen shoes already.

The turnout was pretty good for the party, though I was disappointed that some people did not showup. The great thing was that people who had left EA during or after the game release were still invited to the party. That’s a classy move. There were no “celebs” to speak of but I heard Alex Chalmers was there but I did not see him.

I didn’t have to pay for any of my drinks which might have contributed to the fact I forgot how many gin and tonics I had during the night. The party went on for a long, long while. I remember looking at my watch at one point and realizing it was nearly 2am. The surprising thing was that the majority of the people left at the party were the software engineers. We’re not the crazy ones are we?

One of the physics SEs was talking about taking the party to his apartment but I knew it was enough fun for one night. I left around 3am and somehow found a cab at that hour to take me home.

I am looking forward to hearing some stories tomorrow morning at work. I only hope they don’t involve me.

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