After a much anticipated opening, I was able to patronize the Taco Bell / KFC combo restaurant near Coquitlam Centre tonight. In short, it was a slightly disappointing visit that left me with a hint of great promise for future visits.

When I arrived, I instantly noticed there were lots of people waiting for their food. At least five people were waiting for their orders. Despite this, I walked up to the counter where an impressive menu greeted me. Yes, you can get Taco Bell and KFC at this place but did you know you can combine the two? That’s right! So let’s say you get a two piece KFC meal but you’re hankering for a taco. Adding a taco is just a dollar extra. Say you decide you want a quesadilla meal from Taco Bell but you gotsa yearning for a piece of fried chicken. One loonie more will get you a nice piece of Original Recipe.

I selected the Crunchwrap Supreme with beef. Rather than describe it, just look at this guy’s blog post about it. Ordering is fine but I must have waited ten minutes for my food. It sucks to wait around that long for “fast” food. Also, the pop / soft drink / soda dispenser was out of 7-Up syrup. I had to toss out my cup of club soda and fill up with something else that I didn’t want.

Despite the super long wait for my food, once I got home with my Crunchwrap, I was pleased. It wasn’t greasy at all and it tasted really good. The lettuce in the thing was really fresh and everything stayed neatly in the pocket.

I’m going to return to try out the fried chicken and then order a taco as a side.

Seriously, if I don’t stop ordering stupid stuff to eat my heart is gonna complain lots in about ten years… probably less.

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  1. Spooky. Deb and I were there last night for the first time too!Yes, I saw some angry people who didn’t like waiting 10 minutes for fast food.I thought the food was…ok. Not really worth a 10 minute wait.

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