There’s a rather interesting story in Tennessee right now. Apparently, a small-time porn star was pulled over by a Tennessee state trooper in a routine traffic stop. While the original stop was for speeding, the trooper found narcotics in Justis Richert’s car. Richert, who goes by the stage name, Barbie Cummings, alleges the trooper became quite interested in her line of work after she disclosed she was a porn star.

Apparently, the trooper then took her to his vehicle and used a laptop to pull up her web site. After watching two of her videos, he indicated he was getting aroused. Somewhere in all of this, the trooper dumped the narcotics and Ms. Cummings performed oral sex on the law enforcement officer.

If you want a vanilla version of the story, feel free to click on this SFW CBS News story. If you want the most awesome and complete story, you’ll need to visit Barbie Cumming’s web site. It includes her telling of the story, which indicates she initiated the oral sex in a manner most titilating. Not only that, she has posted explicit pictures of the roadside encounter. Blogging at its best! Unfortunately, she took down her web site yesterday but fear not! Thanks to Google’s cache, this is what you do. Go to Google and search for “Barbie Cummings”. Her web site should be the first hit. Do not click on that result. Instead, just below it, click on “Cached”. Under no circumstances should you be doing that while at work or in a church of any denomination. The post in question is about half way down the page. Just scroll past the various pictures of Ms. Cummings surrounded by penises, well until you get to the pics of the trooper’s penis.

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