Man, I had a nasty case of insomnia last night. I wasn’t really sure what caused it. I was well hydrated and stayed away from any caffeine all day. Maybe it was because I ate some spare ribs before I went to bed. It was like four pieces. Next time I won’t soak them in coffee.

Anyways, it made for a hell of a morning. I thought work was going to be bad but it turned out alright. I was fairly productive and I only felt tired at lunch which was the best time to feel the fatigue. On the way home, I didn’t even nap on the bus.

I am feeling wicked tired now though. I’m going to bed fairly soon. My mind is running all over the place. I thought of half a dozen different topics to write about tonight. There’s my next selection for my book of the month club. I was also going to write about one of my favourite South Park characters. I briefly thought I’d write about my experiences with spending and saving money as well.

I’m not coherent enough to write about any of those topics, instead here’s Neil Patrick Harris’ funniest scene from Harold and Kumar (contains language that would make your Mom blush, but that’s why it’s so funny).


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