Everyone who signed up for an erwintang.com t-shirt is now in possession of one or has their t-shirt enroute to them.

I handed out four t-shirts out last night at an SJC BBQ (which in itself is worthy of a blog post that will come shortly). Adam also took possession of two other t-shirts which he will give to Kristina and Nic.

I have a kelly green one that I’m not too fond of but Joel has graciously volunteered to take it off my hands. That leaves one t-shirt remaining, size small. It is also the only t-shirt that I had made in black. If you honestly think you might fit a small and are actually prepared to wear it, drop me a line and it’s yours.

Thanks everyone for taking part and I hope you enjoy wearing the very first official erwintang.com t-shirt. As I’ve mentioned before, the second printing will probably be in dazzling red. Let me know if you want in on that!

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