The first batch of official t-shirts arrived in the mail today. I am pleased that I went with the navy colour. Personally, I think the navy looks great and it’s a safer colour that will help encourage you to even possibly wear the shirt out in public! Ha!

I actually took a chance and ordered a single t-shirt in kelly green for myself. I have another green t-shirt that looks good and I thought I could recreate the magic. Sadly, I was very, very wrong. You won’t see the green one on me very often. I am convinced though that red or scarlet will be the next colour. It would look awesome!

Ok, so now to the important part for my readers who wanted a shirt. I’ve decided for those who live in the Lower Mainland, I will deliver the shirts personally to you. It’s cheaper for me and it’ll give me an excuse to see my readers in person. For the three of you working at EA, you’ll get your shirts together either through Garrett or Chris. The dinner club group will get yours together as well. The Toronto/Ottawa contingent may have to wait until Adam arrives in Vancouver next month. If he agrees, he’ll pass the Ottawa shirts off to Kristina so that Nic can get his. Jonathan, you live in Vancouver, so we’ll meet up for yours.

The only ones that I’ll need to mail out for sure are Suzanne and Phil. Phil I got your address, so your shirt will be in the mail shortly. Suzanne, I’ll need your mailing address.

To everyone who requested a t-shirt, thanks for showing interest and visiting my site. Enjoy the shirts and it’d be really cool if you could get photographed with your shirt on in various places around the world. Send me the photos and if you want, I can start a gallery!

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