I’ve discovered that doing things downtown after work suits my schedule the best. The long bus ride back to Tatooine always departs from downtown, so if I’m already downtown when I’m done doing whatever, it’s a lot more convenient for me. Case in point, this evening where a co-worker and I had dinner at this pho joint. After we were finished eating, I walked to my bus stop and jumped on a bus to Port Moody. Simple and easy with a spill-proof opening.

In other news, the t-shirts are slowly making their way to the corners of the globe. I sent off Phil’s tonight. The post office said it would take two business days to get there. Jonathan is coming by my office to pick up his tomorrow. Now that I have the shirts, people who didn’t request one in the first place are asking for one. Where were you people earlier? I do appreciate the interest and that gives me incentive to make batch number two.

As I lay awake last night trying to fall asleep, I thought of an idea for an entertaining post. I remember thinking, “Wow, that would be really funny.” Too bad that’s all I remember about that. I should keep a notepad with me at all times to write this crap down.

Despite my best efforts to resist, I go to Starbucks nearly every day now. I usually get a venti green tea which costs me $1.60. It’s just not the beverage that makes me go. It’s just that I look forward to a break around 3pm. I always go with a few co-workers, which is nice since we get to go outside and talk about “stuff”. The Starbucks near the entrance to the Island is also a great location. If you click here, you’ll find a great article about how Starbucks has changed the American culture. Here’s a bit of trivia, there are only 13 Starbucks in the entire state of Arkansas. There are probably more than 13 locations in just Kitsilano here in Vancouver.

Last but not least, here are my thoughts on the local weather. I think it has been too cloudy and too cold for my liking. We’re days away from June and in my opinion, a sunny day is a rarity this spring. Sure today was nice but the forecast is for clouds and showers for well into the weekend. And that’s what grinds my gears.

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