I had a good idea for a Tuesday night post on Monday. I forgot what that was now.

Um, anyways… I got a free DVD at work on Monday. The studio head sent out a company-wide e-mail saying a copy of John Carpenter’s The Thing was up for grabs at the front desk. Amazingly, I was the first person to reach the front desk and get the DVD. It’s a classic sci-fi/thriller pic. I was way too young to have seen it in 1982 and I’m surprised I didn’t have nightmares for weeks afterwards. The creature in that movie was freaky.

In other news, booth babes have now been banned from E3, the video game industry’s largest convention. I can see why this decision came about. For the longest time now, the industry has been struggling to change its male-dominated, frat boy image. More emphasis has been put on attracting more females to gaming and to gaming jobs. Many want game companies to grow up and mature.

The reality of the situation is that the high-profile games that get the most attention from the public are played by mostly guys in their 20s or 30s. The marketing people know this. They also know that sex sells. When it comes to selling a few extra million units, some companies are going to do what is necessary for the bottom line.

I agree we need more women in the industry and to do that, it needs to mature into something more attractive to females. On the other hand, and I’ll be really honest here, it is pretty interesting to see super hot ladies in costumes at E3. Why not put beefcake male models along side of them? Would that be better? I wouldn’t mind.

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