It’s Thursday, which means my time off from work is coming to an end. After the weekend, I’m back at work on Monday.

I having neither a bad nor an exceptionally wonderful holiday. I live with my family anyways, so it’s not like I’m seeing them after a lengthy time apart. They say the holidays are a time to see friends as well. Most of my friends have gone away so I’ve actually seen my friends less during this festive time. I did see my buddy Nate though, who returned home from his work in Japan. He’s the second friend to have seen where I work, the first being Ray.

Because I haven’t being go out that much, I’ve saving a bit of cash, which is a good thing. The savings have probably been offset by the cost of Christmas gifts unfortunately. I’m getting more sleep than when I’m working though it seems I’m still tired at times. I’ve been through two video games since the holidays started. I’ve blazed through the first two Splinter Cell games in mere days.

I still have on the schedule my 24 Season Four DVD marathon. There are seven discs in the set. The seventh disc contains an exclusive season five prequel so I guess I actually only need to rent the first six discs. Each disc contains four or five episodes though strangely, disc three has only three episodes. The thought of renting all six discs and starting my viewing at 7am (season four starts at that hour) and watching it all has crossed my mind. I wonder though how awake I’d be around hour 20 or so.

I do value this time off but to be honest, the prospect of returning to work on Monday doesn’t seem so scary as it might to other people. Oh sure, I’ll miss sleeping in until noon but after a few more days of this, I’ll be ready to get back into my old routine.

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