The summer before grad school I used to go on hikes quite frequently. One trail led from my parents’ house in Coquitlam all the way up Burnaby Mountain to SFU. Another favourite of mine was the trail that encircled Buntzen Lake in Port Moody. It says it takes 4-5 hours to finish the hike but I can usually do it in two and I don’t think I’m going that fast. The elevation change is about 100m which doesn’t seem much but believe me, it’s a workout.

I used to do this hike about twice a week for about three months during the summer of 2002. I stopped visiting the Buntzen Lake area once I started school again. Today, for the first time since then, I did the hike around the lake.

Three years is a longtime to be away from something but the trail is exactly as I remembered it. Even the same logs which served as landmarks along the trail were precisely where I thought they would be. As I walked through the familiar forest, it was interesting to think I had returned three years later with a lot more living underneath my belt. I had met a lot of people, learned a thing or two, and acheived a few life goals. The trees were still green though and the climbs just as tough.

I took a few pictures with my camera if you’re interested. The piece of metal on the ground is from one of my hiking shoes. Half way through the hike, it just fell out from the sole. Also be sure to look for the floating and suspension bridges which are located at the opposite ends of the lake.

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