Because I stayed up late on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, it wasn’t easy getting to sleep on Sunday night. At around 3am, I was still relatively awake when a sharp noise pierced the quiet of the night.

“What the hell was that?” I thought. Because of the double-paned windows in my bedroom, street noise is at a minimum. What I heard at that moment was loud though. It sounded like some dude was just leaning on his horn inside his car and just giving ‘er. It so loud I was wondering if it was coming from the secured parking garage for residents.

After lying in bed for a minute or two trying to figure out what was going on, whoever was leaning on the horn started to make “soundscapes”. It wasn’t exactly a melody but it was off and on… then on for a long time… off for like a millisecond… then on again.

Now things began to really turn in my head. Was it some guy slumped over in his car? Was he in dire need of help and signaling with his horn? Because I had just started playing a zombie video game earlier that evening, I thought this is it, the zombie invasion has begun and the first guy to go down was that dude in his car outside my bedroom window.

Then the source of the horn started moving. As evidenced by its diminishing volume and slight Doppler effect, the horn seemed to be moving away from me. It didn’t go away completely, perhaps just down the street. I briefly thought about calling the cops. The horn then moved again, this time so far away that I could barely hear it.

As I closed my eyes, my thoughts turned to if Wendy’s was still open. Several minutes later, the horn sound returned, this time it seemed like it was right outside my window, louder than before. After a minute, it stopped. I heard it again but it had moved away again. It was just random beeps now, every two minutes or so.

It stopped after an undetermined amount of time. I somehow fell asleep in a puddle of my own drool.

The next day, I found out I was the only one in my family who heard the disturbance. Weird.

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