I miss my bus rides out from UBC to work. The air seemed fresher and the days more sunny. My long-haul commutes out to Vancouver now are decidedly less enjoyable. For one, everyone seems grumpy that they have to commute from Port Moody or beyond out to Vancouver. I could also mention how less attractive everyone is on a suburban bus but that would just make me seem superficial, so let’s not go there.

The most striking thing about my bus rides are the amount of old people that bus into Vancouver in the morning. Where are these old people going? What are they doing once they get into Vancouver? When do they go back?

Seniors can cough a lot on the bus. One guy this morning had a really wet, hacking cough. Mmmm…. tasty. He got a tissue out. I think he may have saved it for later.

Once I get downtown though, I feel much better. It’s like I’m back into my comfort zone. The commute back home at night is certainly more interesting. The bus goes through the downtown eastside along Hastings. At night, the scene is much more gritty. You can usually see at least half a dozen people pushing shopping carts full of stuff and always against the light. Why is that? It’s kinda like bizarro Kits.

Ok, enough rambling for tonight.

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