I just came back from having dinner at Some Kinda Pasta, man am I tired. Nothing like a large serving of linguine with baby clams to make you feel sleepy.

I did two interesting things today. First, I picked up my tickets for graduation. I have just enough for my immediate family. At least for my parents, these are the hottest tickets in town. I better keep these in a safe place, I won’t need them for over a month.

I also found out my results from my whooping cough test. It turns out I actually never had the whooping cough. I went to see the doctor about this because I like solving a mystery just like the next guy. He didn’t really have any concrete answers. He did list a few things like sinusistis, a mild form of pneumonia, and viral infections, otherwise he said he couldn’t really blame it on one thing or another. Nevertheless, since I am now much better neither the doctor or myself are worried about it. I was told to come back if it got worse but we’d leave it for now.

I am now going to make a cup of tea.

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