Alright Carl, here’s your post. So last night we had a fantastic turn out for hockey considering it was Wednesday night. We had a good game going on as well, very competitive and fun. About half an hour into the game, a campus security SUV came around to us. The driver leaned out his window and said, “I got a complaint about some hockey players.” Because of Joel, we know the right response to that is, “If we see any hockey players, we’ll let you know.” And that is exactly what I said. The driver nodded his head in agreement and drove off.

This is one of these classic examples of how the real world works. Rules and regulations look pristine on paper and may satisfy some administrator’s desire for order, but enforcing those rules and regulations isn’t exactly clean and tidy. So it’s a convenient understanding that we have with Campus Security. The issue should have ended there, but it didn’t.

An hour later, the parking dude from about two months ago, shows up. He’s immediately very aggressive, spouting out things faster than I can comprehend. For some reason he asks us if we have a parking permit. I’m not sure why that would matter. If we did, would he let us continue to play? Then he says he’s let us play long enough and that we should leave. I’m still confused as to why time is the issue. If we’re not allowed to play, shouldn’t he be telling us to leave the minute he sees us? Why is it ok to play one minute but not ok the next?

The dude immediately cuts to the chase, “Just let me know, are you going to leave or not?” I think Tyson and Carl answered for us, “No.” To which he replied, “Fine, I’m calling the cops.” With that, he left.

We were almost done anyways, so we just played out the rest of our current game. We left long before the RCMP arrived. In fact, as I was just arriving at my apartment complex, I saw the RCMP cruiser that was coming to get us. Not surprisingly, it was in no hurry to get to the parkade, making a full stop at every stop sign and with its lights off.

If security is the issue, then I think the parking dude should take a hint from Campus Security. They’re the ones who supposedly can make the call on what is safe and what isn’t. If they leave us alone, shouldn’t that be good enough for him? I doubt this will be the last time we’ll see parking dude, but it’s a small price to pay for some exercise and fun.

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