My road to recovery from whooping cough had been going fairly well until Monday morning. When I woke up, all I felt like doing was coughing. Luckily, I didn’t have class today, so I just spend the day dealing with it. I phoned the medical clinic to see if they had my test results back. Technically, I don’t have full confirmation that I have the whooping cough, though the doctor is going on that assumption. It turns out I won’t have my results for another week to three weeks. The testing isn’t being done at a private lab like MDS Metro, it’s being done at the provincial government’s lab.

I didn’t really do anything today otherwise. I did meet up with Jeff Newmark for dinner. Jeff flew in from Las Vegas to overnight here before leaving for Japan tomorrow afternoon. Also present at dinner was Eddy and Woba. I was really proud of myself, I only left the table twice to cough in the bathroom. The guys were nice enough to walk me back to my apartment after dinner. Eddy said, “Buddy, you need help”. He was probably right. With that, I said goodbye to Jeff and told the other guys I’d see them tomorrow at dinner.

Sometime after 1am, I started feeling much better. I’m coughing way less now. I’ve decided not to go back on the codeine because I’m not sure how that will interact with the antibiotics that I’m still on. The doctor did ok me to use corticosteroid inhaler though. So just minutes ago, I used an inhaler for the first time. I took two hits from the thing. It’s supposed to help open the passage ways in my lungs. I’m not sure if that’ll help with the coughing, but it can’t hurt.

The coughing makes it tough to talk, which sucks since I teach my last tutorial tomorrow. I hope I’m in a better condition by then. If there’s time I’m planning on visiting student health clinic tomorrow as well. I just want to make sure that my lungs are still clear. Whooping cough is known to lead to pneumonia in some cases and I’d like to avoid that if possible.

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