My 12+ hour day of school is over. I did it. I have one more day of commuting left and I’ll be done. Tomorrow will be an easy day. I get to sit in on one class, then have dinner with an old friend. I then can go home. Or, I could go drinking at Koerner’s with the rest of SJC. Regardless, it will be a shorter day than today.

I actually had two positive developments today. One, I saw some of my former students in the CEME building. I hadn’t seen them since last December when I gave them their last tutorial. I asked them what disciplines they finally got into. It appears everyone got their first choice. Good. They all seemed happy to see me. In particular, the last thing one student said to me in December was, “you should teach”. The last thing she said to me today was, “you should teach”. I appreciated the comment, maybe I should get her to talk to my department.

On TA front, still no news on what is happening. I’ll try to get ahold of the union tomorrow.

The other positive development has to do with my night class. This is the first night class I’ve ever taken in my life. We didn’t have a class last week and this week was an introductory lecture that had nothing to do with any of the course material. The instructor seems really laid back. He told us that even though UBC has scheduled the class for three hours each week, he would be done in two hours usually. Sweet. He also admitted that his class was pretty easy, but that you’d still learn a lot. Sweet. Another thing, I can almost see my new apartment from the classroom.

Alright, time to set out my clothes for tomorrow.


I got home from school at 10pm today. I have to leave for school again at 9am tomorrow morning. This commuting bullshit ain’t getting any better. I’ve been to school only two days this week and I’ve already spent six damn hours on the bus.

Here’s a picture of what I found in a bag of Cheetos this weekend. Every additional minute I spend in transit, I hate commuting even more.


Those of you with eagle eyes might have noticed a new search box to the right. You may now search the contents of this blog. Unfortunately, the search is very shallow since I am using Feedster to power it. Feedster only started tracking my blog about three months ago, so that’s as far back as the search will go. Google itself has crawled my blog archives, but I have found their results to be incomplete.

So, try it out! Type in your name. Type in other people’s names. Try using swear words. Unlimited fun awaits!


I can’t remember the last time I sat through 4.5 hours straight of lectures, but I just did it today. I’m sitting in one of the labs in Civil/Mechanical building typing this out. I actually thought it would be way worse, though I wouldn’t want to do it again.

The bad thing, unfortunately, is that I still don’t have a clue which of these three classes I want to take. I will need to go home and think about it.

Hey, free food in the grad lounge!


So, we approach the start of another week, the last and most difficult week of commuting for me. Did you know I spent 12 hours on the bus last week? That’s just for four days of school. For every day of school, I spend an eighth of it on the bus. Nice.

Anyways, com sci grad classes kick in this week and because I’m not sure which ones I want to take, I’ll be attending several of them to get a taste. And oh, the fun starts on Monday, where I’ll be sitting in on three straight classes. Starting at 11am, I’ll be going until 3:30pm, with at most, a ten minute break in between.

I’m tempted to say screw it and just pick a class from the course description. That way, I just need to go for an hour and a half and get the hell out of there. That would be the easy way, but not the “mature” thing to do. I hate being responsible.

Tuesday and Thursday won’t be too bad, so if I can just get through my night class on Wednesday, I’ll be in the clear! No more of me bitching about commuting. You and me both will be glad about that.

Alright, time to bite the freaking bullet and get this damn week over with.


I’m not sure when they started this contest, but Safeway has been handing out these little prize booklets to their customers. They’re celebrating their diamond anniversary or something. Anyways, you’re supposed to spell out the words “SAFEWAY”, “DIAMOND”, and “75”. You get three random letters per booklet.

So far, I have “A”, “E”, “I”, “M”, “O”, and “Y”.

If anyone has different letters, let me know, maybe we can get one of the words.


I am almost certain that back in undergrad had I been forced to commute from Coquitlam to UBC everyday, I would have dropped out of school. Or, I might have transfered to SFU… nah, I wouldn’t sink that low. I keed!

Seriously though, this commute is wilting my will to live. When I come home, I feel like there’s a sheen of dirt all over my body, and I’m not even talking about my oily T-zone. Oh, and being packed in thoses buses like sardines with the unwashed masses, that’s no fun. I have noticed something though, the 99B pretty much empties out at Granville because no one is retarded enough (unlike me currently) to live so far from UBC.

Tonight, I came home all bloated, damnit get me some Midol. I try to drink as much water as I can when I’m on-campus, but it never seems enough.

I feel another swear coming on.



A poll released this week revealed that 30 out of 35 countries would rather have John Kerry at the helm of the United States than George W. Bush. This only reaffirms my faith in the rest of the world, while reinforcing my belief that most citizens of the US have gone completely crazy.

In other news, reports have surfaced today that reveal Bush balked at a direct order from his superiors while “serving” in the Texas Air National Guard. These reports also put into question again whether or not Bush actually completed his service to the ANG.

Can someone explain to me why Kerry is supposed to be the weak guy when it comes to military decisions? How can the Republicans even keep a straight face when they tell Americans Bush is the better military leader? Oh, I forgot, it’s because Americans eat this crap up like there’s no tomorrow.

Yeah, Bush is better at being a leader because he refused to finish his country-club tour through the ANG. Kerry is weak because he actually was in combat in Vietnam and we all know pussies win Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star, and a Silver Star.


I went to school today even though I didn’t have to. Of course, I didn’t realize this until I was sitting with 20 other students waiting for the prof to arrive. You see, I thought I had a night class at 6pm today. I missed the entire hockey game to attend this class. I got onto a bus at 3pm crowded with punks high school kids to get to UBC on time.

When I got to the classroom at 6pm, five minutes went by, then ten, and then fifteen. Finally, some guy with a laptop and wireless figured out the class web site. He told everyone the prof had written the first class would be next week not this week. Too bad the web site address isn’t listed anywhere on the Internet. He had to guess it. I don’t feel too stupid because 20 other engineering graduate students were there with me.

Having felt like my entire day was stolen from me, I tried to see how I could salvage the day. I decided to head on over to SJC since it was dinner time there. I managed to see the new resident that bought my fridge and picked up a cheque from her. I also got to see the old gang, Frank, Phil, Sarah, Bryan, Jeff, Sean, Carl… I even got to see Miriam who’s visiting from England. I met a few new people as well.

After that, I got my ass back onto a bus for the trip home. Man, what a waste of a day.