So, we approach the start of another week, the last and most difficult week of commuting for me. Did you know I spent 12 hours on the bus last week? That’s just for four days of school. For every day of school, I spend an eighth of it on the bus. Nice.

Anyways, com sci grad classes kick in this week and because I’m not sure which ones I want to take, I’ll be attending several of them to get a taste. And oh, the fun starts on Monday, where I’ll be sitting in on three straight classes. Starting at 11am, I’ll be going until 3:30pm, with at most, a ten minute break in between.

I’m tempted to say screw it and just pick a class from the course description. That way, I just need to go for an hour and a half and get the hell out of there. That would be the easy way, but not the “mature” thing to do. I hate being responsible.

Tuesday and Thursday won’t be too bad, so if I can just get through my night class on Wednesday, I’ll be in the clear! No more of me bitching about commuting. You and me both will be glad about that.

Alright, time to bite the freaking bullet and get this damn week over with.

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