I am almost certain that back in undergrad had I been forced to commute from Coquitlam to UBC everyday, I would have dropped out of school. Or, I might have transfered to SFU… nah, I wouldn’t sink that low. I keed!

Seriously though, this commute is wilting my will to live. When I come home, I feel like there’s a sheen of dirt all over my body, and I’m not even talking about my oily T-zone. Oh, and being packed in thoses buses like sardines with the unwashed masses, that’s no fun. I have noticed something though, the 99B pretty much empties out at Granville because no one is retarded enough (unlike me currently) to live so far from UBC.

Tonight, I came home all bloated, damnit get me some Midol. I try to drink as much water as I can when I’m on-campus, but it never seems enough.

I feel another swear coming on.


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