If you had told me on Monday that on Saturday night, I’d be sharing 100 chicken wings with four other guys, I would have found that statement quite incredible to believe. Here I was tonight though, consuming my fair share of some incredibly delicious breaded chicken wings.

It has been a difficult week. I can’t remember in the last two years if I’ve had a more challenging time. Between dealing with food poisoning that was debilitating and attending classes, I also moved into my apartment in T-Bird. Of course, the effects of the food poisoning overshadowed everything this week. For several days, I was confined to my bed, waiting for the painful cramps that would occur with a frequency of as little as five minutes apart.

Today was the first day that I felt someone recovered. Fatigue is something I am still trying to get over. I get tired more easily now. Simple exertion now causes me to break out into a sweat. My pants are very loose on me now.

With my recovery on the way, I am looking forward to getting settled. I work best when I feel comfortable in my setting. I need to clean my place. UBC Housekeeping is a joke. While I didn’t find a dead body in my tub, there are some glaring areas where some work is needed. My bathroom needs a once over. Among over things, there’s some strange orange mildew growing on my tub ceiling. In my oven, there’s an odd crystalline patch on one of the walls.

I wonder if I’ll ever getting everything unpacked into it’s proper place. So much of my stuff isn’t even here. I still have a few boxes over at SJC. Hell, my microwave and toaster oven are still SJC.

Ok, I have to go put together the rest of my cabinet before fatigue overtakes me again. More soon.

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