When I first found out I was going to live at SJC, several things ran through my head. One of them was that I was finally going to experience the on-campus network. It can handle lots of traffic and it’s free.

I also thought that it would a great environment to play computer games with other people. What better than a residence full of geeky grad students to share my gaming passion with? Well, as it turns out, it didn’t take me long to realize almost all the grad students here used their computers for work. The Internet? They used it to do research and to communicate with friends and family. Gaming? Yes, it was something they did when their family had an Atari 2600, but nowadays, they preferred a nice cup of tea. For nearly two years I waited for some gamers to move in.

This year, a few new residents trickled in. Inquiries were made and I discovered they enjoyed games just as much as I did. It took a few weeks and some organization, but tonight, we did it. Six of us went on the LAN (local area network) and played Call of Duty. It was fun and entertaining. It was simply a blast. By the end of it, I think I began to smell, there were empty fast food containers around me, much pop was consumed, we attacked the darkness, and obviously there was nary a girl to be seen around us. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat… but maybe not until next weekend.

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