So yeah, where were we? I indeed did get a good night of sleep on Thursday evening. It only took the codeine half an hour before I started feeling its effects. I started feeling kinda woozy and I knew it was time to crawl into bed.

I gather I must have feel asleep around 3am. I remember waking up once during night to empty my bladder. During that time, I was still quite woozy and was lucky to navigate my messy floor without trouble.

The next thing I knew the sun was out and it was 12:30pm. It was the most sleep I had since before I got ill. At first, I felt relatively awake, but as I sat at my computer, I noticed something was different.

I began reading my mail and even though the letters and word were crystal clear, there was some weirdness going on. It was as if I was watching my life through a television set somewhere else. There a level of detachment going on. I remember watching my fingers type on the keyboard and thinking, “Hmmm… those are my fingers… wow, look at them go… are those really my fingers? Yep, they sure are…”

I had a sandwich for lunch and for several seconds, I just rotated the sandwich in my hands just to see if it was really there.

This weirdness continued for several more hours, where I wasn’t really in a state do anything productive. I think I may have written one line of code, but that was basically it.

On the plus side, I felt much better by the evening and my sinuses had cleared by that time. The only thing remaining was a nagging cough that seemed to remain only to bug the hell out of me. I was quite productive on Friday night, writing some critical lines of code for an assignment.

Before going to bed on Friday, I decided to halve my codeine dosage. It worked since I was less groggy on Saturday morning. I even managed to go out for lunch off-campus. After playing some hockey in the afternoon, I had a quiet evening working and watching TV.

Last night, I went off the codeine and still managed to get a decent night of sleep. I declared myself healthy today. I cough the odd time once in a while but I think it’s just a lingering cough reflex. It is my opinion that I no longer have the cold cooties anymore.

This cold lasted a lot longer than any cold I’ve had in recent memory. I missed out on a few things because of it. That part sucked. This reminds me of a piece of advice that someone gave me. It had nothing to do with colds, but I like it.

“Erwin, there are things in life that you are powerless to stop, no matter what you do or how much you don’t want them to happen. What you can control, however, is the manner in which you deal with those things.”

I should have went to the doctor sooner and got more sleep. I probably would have shaved a few days off my recovery. A lesson learned for next time.

Game on…

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