So Monday marks the official start to Reading Week at UBC. It’s an entire week to catch up on the work you’ve missed thus far in the term. Some people go away and take a vacation, but most people I know can’t afford to do that both for financial and academic reasons.

Last year, I had a horrendous Reading Week. I made the mistake of seeing my dentist on the Monday for a check-up. I was thinking it would a regular check-up and I’d get it out of the way so I could work the rest of the week. Hell no, it was not a regular check-up. It was an awful visit. First, my dentist looked at my teeth and said that I might have leukemia. Yeah, right. Second, he told me that I had some gum condition that needed attention right away. So, he booked me this really busy specialist immediately. The only problem was that the appointment was for 10am the next day… in Burnaby. So instead of just getting my teeth cleaned, I had to go get my blood tested and also wake up early to go see that damn specialist.

I burned an extra day and a half for all that extra crap. It wasn’t until Wednesday that I got a full day of work in. Of course, I didn’t have leukemia and the stupid gum problem wound up costing me $900 and a session of oral surgery.

Here’s the funny thing… I’m seeing my dentist again on Thursday. I don’t care if tells me my teeth are going to fall out the next day. I am not waking up early for some specialist or getting my blood tested on Friday.

Which reminds me, let me take a little small poll here. My dentist swears like a sailor when something doesn’t go right during a procedure. I find it really unprofessional, does your dentist do the same?

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