I actually did some work today, even though I was fairly inefficient with my time. I spent nearly an entire day completing one question from a big assignment. At least it’s progress.

Tomorrow, I hope to be more productive and possibly even finish two questions from my assignment.

I will admit though to wasting a considerable amount of time looking for the new No Doubt song, It’s My Life on the Internet. Back in the day (I can say that now), there was no such thing as dummy files on file sharing networks. The RIAA didn’t flood Kazaa with screwed up files that wasted your time and bandwidth. If you found the file on Napster, it was guaranteed (almost) to be the whole song. Now, you get these incomplete files. The key I’ve discovered is to look for files that are only owned by at most five users. I went through several files that over 100 people had and these were the fake ones. I finally got a complete file that was only shared among 2 users.

Hey, do you know that Doritos makes guacamole flavoured chips now? Look for a review of them here in the near future.

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