Well, I’m about 4/5 my way through this paper that was written in 1983. It describes how they made the cool Genesis effect in the movie Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan.

It’s an interesting read and I’m glad that after all those years, I know how they did it. Unfortunately, I’m not ready to re-create the same effect on my computer tonight. As far as academic papers go, this one was pretty light.

Also, as interesting as it is, I still got the urge to nap and eat something. Having bought bread today, I decided to make some toast. As I went to get the bread out of the plastic sleeve, I noticed the bread was made by Venice Bakery. I thought to myself, someone had to deliver this bread to the store. It was probably someone driving a bread truck.

Maybe it was because I was tired, but I began thinking, “What if I had become a driver delivering Venice Bakery products around the Lower Mainland?” Like I started doing it right after undergrad. I’d have about seven years of delivery experience underneath my belt, probably a few raises, some seniority, and a two or three week vacation every year. I’d get all my bread, bagels, and other baked goods for free. I’d probably have a one bedroom apartment either in Burnaby or Surrey. Maybe my car would be a Camaro or a Mustang or something. Maybe I’d be dating a Safeway checkout girl and we’d go hot-tubbing on the weekends. I’d get her to tattoo my name on her lower back and she’d get me to put in beads in the doorway to my bedroom. Maybe…

I’ll have that nap now…

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