Saturday. Yeah. I made the day work for me. After a less than stellar start to it, I was left dead, dog, and flat-out tired even before noon. I was so tired, I couldn’t even get food for breakfast or lunch. All I could do was sleep for an hour.

Awaking at 1pm, I felt like how the floor of a public washroom looks. Through some stroke of luck or some properly firing neurons, I remembered I had a slice of pizza left in my fridge. After consuming that, I sat at my desk to study. Quickly reviewing my notes, I came to the decision I had slightly miscalculated how much work I’d have to do before my final on Thursday. Whoops.

For some reason, my eyelids felt like they wanted to turn inside out on me. Has anyone ever experienced that? It’s not fun. I fought the desire to sleep with music and tried to work until 2:30pm. That’s when I got myself ready for ball hockey. I’m the unofficial dude at SJC that organizes pick-up ball hockey.

At 3pm, four good Canadian kids from SJC made their way to the parkade where we proceeded to learn we’ve probably been spending too much time at our desks. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun, but I was bent over most of the time like it was prison. Our little skills competition was much more fun and required less running.

We stopped around 4:30pm, and this was when my body made it clear that I had only had a slice of pizza all day. I started get all crazy and I ate some of the brownies I had made earlier. I usually get the sweats and shakes when I don’t eat, but it didn’t happen this time.

I did another hour of work before I had to go to dinner at the Village. It was a lightning quick dinner and I was back by 8pm.

From 8pm to 4am, I laid down the law, I did it up, I got it done, I was a nerd, I blew through two chapters of databases my friend. Sometimes you’ve got to put your head and get things accomplished no matter how tired you are, how hungry you are, or how many other extra-curricular activities are happening at SJC.

I think I maybe still fresh as a daisy right now. Maybe I’ll keep on trucking.

First star to the right, straight on till morning…

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