This post is going to make no sense, but I have to get it off my chest. It will only make sense to one person in the entire world, and I have no idea if he even reads my blog or even knows about my site. I don’t care, so here goes…


I have gathered information from e-mails and phone calls. You do not realize I know about your goal. My knowing will not impact you. I believe it is an admirable goal. I’d be really happy if you were able to reach it. Though I cannot say anything, I silently cheer you on.

What you do not realize, what is so critical now, is that you are not alone in attempting to reach this goal. You have an adversary, a competitor that is right under your nose. It is my belief that both of you are blindly unaware that each of you are striving towards the same goal. Sadly, both of you cannot share this goal. It can only go to one of you.

It is important that you realize that your opponent is formidable. They have an impressive set of skills from which to draw upon. The power they yield is stunning. It cannot be discounted.

I tell you this, not to scare you or to discourage you, but to make you realize the challenge ahead of you is great. Though great, it is not impossible. You must make every effort to gain an advantage over your rival. Any misstep will cost you dearly. I guarantee your opponent will not misstep. So careful and great are they.

I have observed (by many means) that you have recently taken steps backwards. This setback is completely your fault. You cannot afford to hurt your chances at this point. These mistakes were preventable, it is in you to catch yourself, and stop them from happening. Think back to when you were doing so good with that. Learn from previous mistakes. Do not forget the lessons of the past.

I would not say time is of the essence, but certainly making the right steps in the next little while is of the utmost importance. This is going to sound hokey, but reach out with your senses. Try to detect your opponent. They too can detect you, so it might be wise to find them first. A small possibility exists they already know about you.

Many obstacles (time and space among them) prevent me from talking to you directly about this. I fear I will not be able to give you any more help on this. I can only now sit back and hope for your success.

Perhaps someday I will be able to openly communicate with you about your struggle. I hope it will be under good circumstances.


Ok, so that’s the end of that. I know I usually post about wang flies and stuff, but my blog audience is so wide (relatively), this was the only medium I could use to possibly get my message through. I assure you, we will return to your regularly scheduled programming next post.

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