All term I’ve been working on this project for relational database course. My partner and I have implemented a DB for a car rental agency. It’s pretty neat, you can reserve, rent, and return cars. You give it a date and location and it’ll give you what cars are available.

Anyways, as part of our evaluation, we have to demonstrate our system to the TA. There was a sign-up form going around class to fill out. My partner and I thought we had filled in Thursday, 3pm. Oddly, even though the form came around twice on different days, neither of us wrote our time down.

So, today we agree to meet at 2:50pm to get ready for our presentation. I get to the lab a little early around 2:45pm. The TA immediately gets up and walks over to my workstation.

“Hey, are you Erwin Tang?”

“Why yes I am, you must have seen my web site erwintang.com… what item of yours do you want me to sign?”

“Yes, I am.”

“You and your partner were supposed to be here at 2:30pm.”

He shows me the sheet. Well, I’ll be darned, he’s right.

“It’s ok, we still have fifteen minutes, I think that’ll be ok.”

I enter into a slight panic. My partner is no where to be seen and he has the script of events we were going to run.

I get the login incorrect because I’m so flustered. I finally login and start our application. I run through several events from memory. The TA seems somewhat impressed. I don’t even get through half of what I intended to do. He stops me.

“Looks like you get full marks.”

Um, ok. He gets up and leaves. I logoff and wait for my partner in the hallway.

He arrives five minutes later.

“Ok partner, let’s get this demo done so I can go home.”

“Not so fast cowboy.”

I explain it to him. He’s grateful I was there. We both thank each other for the good work we put into the project. The project is now over.

I’m so glad I went early.

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