So, I get this e-mail yesterday:

Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 15:58:06 -0700

From: “Williams, Greg”

To: “Erwin Tang”

Subject: I’m so upset.

why? you ask? ??


1) no mention of Hooters on your blog.

2) no mention of you sharing a bus with greg williams on your blog

3) the “comments” thingy on your blog doesn’t work for me.

4) no picutres of greg williams on your website

Let me back up a bit. Greg and I go way back to my very first project at EA. I was a rookie in the testing world. We were about 3/4 through the project when we got short-handed and we needed another tester for the final push. It was like the playoffs and we needed a rental player. Greg was that guy. His reputation preceded him. He was an old school tester from the days at EA when they watched pornos at break (not that he did any of that).

Anyways, Greg was a great addition to the team. He was a good tester and funny as hell. He left EA after the project was done, but we kept in touch.

Greg works at WebCT now, which is conveniently located on campus here at UBC. We’ve run into each other several times. The last time was last Friday at the bus loop as I was going to a stag.

I told him I was going to a stag and I needed a quarter for the bus.

“A stag? Dude, you’re gonna need this.”

Greg handed me a twoonie at that point. Nice. On the bus I told him the evening was going to start at Hooters. I’ll be completely honest and say that the best thing about Hooters are their chicken wings. If I ever go to Hooters again, it’ll be for their wings. They are really good. If you can get past the horrendously bad shorts the waitresses wear, it’ll be worth your time.

Hey, if you’re wondering what Greg looks like, wonder no more:

Feel free to make comments, ’cause the thing maybe slow, but it works. 😉

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