My work term ends next Friday. That’s like a week away. In the meantime, I’ve been rushing to get everything done that I promised I’d get done. I think everyone I work with appreciates my effort, but I’d feel bad if I left them with unfinished business.

So, I’ve been stressed about work all week. Which is uncharacteristic of the job thus far. On Wednesday night, Rhonda was kind enough to invite several SJC people to improv with her and her visiting friend Erijka. I, however, was the only one with a wide-open social calendar, so it was just the three of us. We saw the Lord of the Things : The Battle for Middle Mirth, which was put on by the Vancouver TheatreSports League on Granville Island. The show featured my old improv instructor. It was good to see him. I took an improv class about two years ago with him. Well, actually, I started an improv class with him. I dropped the class after just one evening. It wasn’t him, he was a really good instructor. It was the rest of my class. They were all very unfunny people. It was mix of old and young people, but they all had the common thread of not possessing a sense of humour. So, I dropped the class.

Anyways, the whole show was really funny and the hour and a half just flew on by. It’s less than $10 if you’re a student and if you like Lord of the Rings, you’ll like this show. Each performance is unique because they use audience participation. When the show was over, we took the aquabus over to Yaletown. I had forgotten how beautiful the water is at night in Vancouver. We took a slow and meandering route to Yaletown and we got off at the stop at the end of Davie. I’ve never stopped at the one before. I usually stop off at Hornby.

From there, we walked up to the Opus Hotel, which contained our intended destination, the Opus Bar. As we got there though, we quickly saw a large group of people outside. There was some sort of private function going on where people were dressed up in clothes from the 30’s. Oh well.

We wandered around Yaletown a bit and wound up at Milestone’s, a good old standby. The ladies and I had a few drinks and some food. It really hit the spot. At one point, I remarked, “Well, I’m not worried about work now!”

After that we took a short walk up to Granville and caught a bus back to campus. After a long day at work, that was what I needed.

Just one more week of work!

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