Did you know that blogging on blogger with different browsers will give you a different feature set and options? That’s crazy. Some of it doesn’t even make sense. In IE, you have this option to e-mail people everytime you make a new post. It’s basically a text field where you enter in addresses. In Netscape, this option is nowhere to be found. Why? Netscape can handle text fields and I’m pretty sure the e-mailing is done server-side and not client-side. Mysteries of the world.

I had dinner at the Macaroni Grill downtown tonight. It was Kiyoko’s farewell dinner. The turnout was impressive. What was even more impressive was that no one had to take the bus. We had enough cars to take everyone. A rarity to be sure.

I must admit, I’ve had better meals there. Tonight’s meal was missing a certain level of quality. The linguine with clams in a white wine sauce was severely lacking in flavour. I was looking forward to it, but it just disappointed me. The rest of our paisano-style meal, however, was good. No one left our table hungry. In fact, we were quite full.

About half an hour ago, a huge moth flew into my room. It was probably the largest moth I’d seen in years. When it flapped its wings, I’m pretty sure I heard a discernable woomp, woomp sound. Anyways, it landed on my armchair. Instead of killing it, I captured it in an empty glass container. Usually, I would try to shoo it out my window, but I’ve learned a new trick. Do all your catching and releasing in the hallway.

It works wonderfully. I placed the container outside my door and the thing took off like a C-5 Galaxy loaded with Bradleys. It went down the hall three or four doors hovering near the ceiling lights and then it took a 180 and headed straight towards me. I went back into my room and closed my door.

I hope it doesn’t happen, but if I catch a mouse, I’m letting it loose in the hallway too.

Well, I need to go to sleep for about ten hours. I’ll leave you with one of the more interesting blog posts I’ve read in a while.

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