It’s around 11:30pm and Adrian, Pat, and I are leaving Calhoun’s for Safeway. We’re on MacDonald when Adrian notices a police cruiser behind us.

We continue along and turn onto 4th Ave. Not long after, the cruiser flashes his lights. We think he’s just trying to get past us. Adrian pulls over to side, except that the cruiser doesn’t keep going. The police car pulls in behind us and stops. A spotlight then shines onto us.

“Aw man! What the hell did I do? I didn’t do anything wrong!” protests Adrian.

“Nothing man, you didn’t do anything.”

“This is going on my blog.”

After what seems like an eternity but in reality was about 30 seconds, a policeman finally saunters up to Adrian’s window.

“Good evening officer.”

“Hello gentleman, where are you guys going?” the officer inquired. He looks at all of us and around the car.

“We’re just going back to UBC.”

“Ok, um, I was thinking you guys were someone else, sorry for the mistake, you guys can go now”

The officer walks back to his car. We look at each other and I’m thinking this is pretty damn anti-climatic.

“That guy saw three short nerds and he knew instantly he had the wrong car!” explained Pat.

We drive off and I realize I haven’t been pulled over by the cops in years, probably like 20 or so. What a weird traffic stop.

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