I feel like crap right now. I am soooooooo tired! I had a horrendous time getting to sleep last night. My room was extremely hot and muggy. Despite avoiding caffeine all night, it did not help. I tossed and turn in discomfort. It didn’t help that I was bothered by some weirdness developing in my left ear canal. Either it’s an infection, mosquito bite, or live flies are gonna start emerging from there. Anyways, that meant I couldn’t lie on my left side, which I tend to favour.

For minutes at a time, I’d lie with my eyes open, watching the lights from passing cars along SW Marine dance along my far wall. I eventually got a little bit angry with the fact it was taking so damn long to fall asleep. I was fearing that I’d be really tired in the morning. I was going to work out my aggression by going on a starlight run, but thought better of it. If you got the Star Wars reference in the last three sentences, give yourself ten points.

Anyways, I must fallen asleep around 4am from pure exhaustion. I got up at 8am and made my way to work, skipping breakfast entirely. Oh well, there goes my streak.

I felt great all morning, even better than usual. I had a meeting at Brock Hall and the brisk walk did me some good. When I got back though, that’s when the damn wheels fell off. I feel like putting my head onto my keyboard, closing my eyes, and just letting sweet sleep wash over me. Of course I can’t and of all days, I have a playoff softball game to play right after work.

Stimulants. I think I’ll be hitting the caffeine hard today.

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