I picked up Old School on DVD today from Future Shop. Since I had Mark’s PS2, I set it up in the TV room so that a few others could watch it with me tonight.

I mentioned to the room that I got the unrated version. I was wondering what it meant to be unrated. We pop the disc in and after the Dreamworks logo, we immediately see two chicks take their tops off and display their boobs. This is the opening menu sequence. Unrated. I see.

I would say Old School is pretty good, but not better than the American Pie movies nor Road Trip which was also directed by Todd Phillips.

Besides picking up and watching the DVD, I had a bit of a leisurely day. I got my hair cut. I think there’s some sorta rule that says it’s bad form to mention in your blog that you got a haircut. Oh well.

I had to rush back onto campus for our weekly softball game. It was an interesting game. We were playing the Physiology grad team, which includes my good friend, Rhonda, a fellow SJC resident. I hope her loyalties were a bit divided, after all, it’s us! The people she lives with!

Anyways, I played right field for the entire game. I sucked… big time in the field. I let a few balls get away from me. Luckily, I batted a bit better, but I did pop up a few more times that I had liked.

The game actually went into the last inning with SJC leading by two runs. I’ll be honest and say that I thought we were going to lose. Our D is still pretty suspect and I was expecting the worst. My hopes were lifted slightly when we threw out the first batter. Then some dude got a home run but luckily the bases were clear when he hit it. I think they got another base hit. Then Rhonda came up to bat and then drove in the tying run. I felt our team sag a bit, but we still had to get the final outs. We got another out for the next batter.

The next guy then spanked a rope to left and it hit the turf behind Max. He ran back and grabbed it. In what I can only describe as a laser of throw, Max sent the ball hurtling towards home where Rhonda had been waved in. Karen was waiting there patiently for Max’s bomb. I have to mention that Karen had one of her nails nearly ripped off on her catching hand during warm-up. She sucked it though and here she was ready to catch the most critical throw in the game. And catch the ball she did! With a resounding smack!, the ball found its way into the pocket and thus enabling us to end the game in a tie.

There are no extra innings in GSS softball which I guess was the best way to end a hard-fought game on both sides. Though, if SJC had won, it would not have bothered me that much. 😉

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