I am in my last week of freedom before I have to start work. I’ve been reviewing a Dreamweaver manual in preparation.

I also went to Metrotown today. I haven’t been there in quite a while. The plan was to go buy sheets for my bed and to visit Old Navy. I’ve been using one set of sheets for the last eight months. The wear and tear is starting to show as my bed sheet is starting to pill. Anyways, I went into Zellars, Sears, and The Bay to take a look in their bedding departments. A set of sheets can be expensive, $60 or more for a nice twin set with a high thread count. I did find a beautiful lavender coloured set for only $20 at Zellars. I was going to buy it and then I realized it was for a double, so I had to leave it. Only later, someone told me it would have probably been ok since we have extra long twin mattresses here at SJC. I wish I had known that. So, I still have natty, old, worn sheets. I may pay a visit to Linen ‘N Things on the weekend, though I’m expecting to pay a premium there.

I did buy some stuff at Old Navy, but I won’t tell you what, because how much more boring can a blog get than me telling the world what I bought at Old Navy? I’m going off on a tangent here, but speaking of t-shirts, I’m thinking about making a limited run of t-shirts. It seems that Cafe Press has a pretty attractive merchandising option. I would plan on charging a very small fee for them or give them away for free. The question is, would anyone want to wear them?

So, yeah, I have a few more days of freedom left and I start making the big summer bucks on Monday!

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