I woke up at 1pm today. I had about eight hours of sleep. I can’t remember the last time I got so much sleep. I immediately tried to think about where the Seattle crew were. They were supposed to be back at 2pm. Wow, I almost slept through their trip I thought.

I noticed it was a beautiful day but I tooled around in my room for about an hour. I cleaned, put things away, and did my dishes. Around 2pm, I left my room to go grab some lunch. There were so many people streaming down to Wreck Beach. It was a hot day.

I got back around 3pm and did some more cleaning. Around 4pm, I heard Adrian, Pat, and Kiyoko outside my room. They were back! I went out and greeted them. They all looked tired. They got into Seattle really early in the morning. I believe they hit Pioneer Square first, but it was kinda boring, so they went to the Pike Place Market. Nothing struck their fancy there, and somehow they wound up at the Marriott hotel for breakfast. On the way back, they made a little stop in Bellingham. They said it was all go go go during the trip, not a moment to rest. Adrian didn’t sleep the entire time. That guy is a machine. After I got their stories, I bid them farewell, and they went off in their separate ways to recuperate.

Then it was time to get ready for dinner. Dana had graciously invited me to join him and Ian at Cin Cin on Robson. I’ve wanted to go there for years. I’ve read about it so many times in the local media. I’ve passed it countless times along Robson and wondered what was up those steps.

We went for their prix fixes special, $28 for a three course meal before 6pm. It’s really the only way a grad student can afford to go there. I chose the bruschetta, tenderloin, and the gelato & sorbetto. The food was excellent. It definitely lived up to my expectations. The bruschetta was the best I’ve ever had. The tenderloin was superb. The risotto was almost too rich.

After dinner, it was still quite early, so I went to London Drugs and bought a Swiffer. I’ve needed one for months and I finally decided to take the plunge.

Dana and I drove back to SJC around 8pm. There was this police car chase show on Fox. I’m fascinated by these types of programs. When it ended around 9pm, I went and put my laundry in. I also vaccummed my room. Then I put my Swiffer together and cleaned my floors.

Around 10pm, I remember that Adrian said he was going to meet a friend tonight and that I should page him. Part of me thought he was going to be still sleeping off Seattle, but then again Adrian is super-human. I call his pager but I didn’t expect much. I continue to clean my floors, when 10 minutes later, I get a phone call. It’s Adrian! He says he wants to grab a bite to eat at Cactus Club and his two friends are going to join us.

Even though I should be saving my money, I agree to go with him. About half an hour later, Adrian meets me at SJC. He’s only slept two and a half hours since I last saw him. He’s good to go though. We go to the Cactus on Cambie. I limit myself to one drink and I split a plate of wings with Adrian. The first sign of restraint from me all weekend.

I just got home and I’m going for dim sum tomorrow. It’s going to be an expensive weekend, but like I’ve said before, you only live once.

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