Last week I interviewed for a job on campus that I dearly wanted. There’s a computer lab on campus that needs an assistant for the summer. I thought I was perfect for the job. They needed some work on a web site, plus I had to help people of all ages (kids and seniors) with running applications. I like helping people and I know a thing or two about computers. Sure, I don’t have the best design skills in the world, but hey, you can read this can’t you?

I thought I gave a great interview and brought across all the points I wanted to make. They interviewed only a handful of people and I was sure I was a strong candidate for the job. They let were going to let me know at the beginning of this week.

On Monday, I was hoping dearly that they would call. People use the phone to tell people they got the job. Rejections are saved for e-mail and the mail. Around noon, I got an e-mail. They had picked a candidate other than myself. I admit I was crushed for about an hour. This was going to be the perfect summer job. A five-minute commute, good hours, and doing something I could enjoy. I’m still not sure what I could have done better. Maybe my design skills were lacking. Maybe I didn’t say the right thing here or there. I will never know.

Anyways, about an hour later, I realized I had to get right back into the saddle and continue looking for a job. Taking time to lament wasn’t going to get my any closer to employment.

I know that perhaps five to ten people read this blog (ha!), and maybe you could help me out. Do you know of any summer jobs? I’m willing to do pretty much anything. I came up with this line to illustrate my desperation… “I’ll wash butt-holes…”

How’s that for classy?!?!?!?!?!

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