I’m tired, but I’ll make this one last post before I go to bed. As some of you know, the last SJC sports team I played on was not so hot in terms of it’s winning ways. Our men’s ball hockey team went oh-for eight or something like that. We were outscored approximately 160-10.

Summer has led us to the Graduate Students Society summer sports league. After thoroughly enjoying several sessions of catch with some of my fellow SJC residents, I decided to form a softball team for the GSS league.

My team is a bit lean on players, but that just means that our batting line-up isn’t huge and everyone gets to play when we’re out in the field. Also, the people on this team for the most part weren’t on the ball hockey team. Last but not least, there are girls on this team. All signs pointed towards a half decent team.

Well, today we had our first game. We lost 19-6. We actually were winning for the first two innings, but we just let it get away from us. We weren’t as sharp in the outfield and our bats fell silent.

To make things worse, two of our players nearly broke their hand on separate plays. I was one of those players. In the first incident, Francois was charging hard for a fly ball and it was coming in hard. It came in at difficult angle and he took the ball (it felt like a hard ball) directly off his hand. He had to leave for about an inning or so, but he sucked it up and played on.

On my play, I basically did the same thing. I came in hard to get a ball in front of me except it was off to the side a bit. Unfortunately, it was coming in off my non-glove side and I instinctively tried to barehand it. Dumb idea. It slammed into my thumb and index finger on my left hand. I managed to toss it to my cut-off man but my thumb and finger stung like crazy for the whole game afterwards. I seriously thought it was broken for a minute, but I gathered I would be in a lot more pain.

I think I just bruised it, but the whole area is still a bit sore. Francois is alright too and we should be ready for next week’s game.

I know we had fun today and all, but I hope this isn’t the start of another oh-for season.

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