I stopped doing work at 10pm on Friday night. I had finished up a long project. With that done, I took the whole damn night off. I can’t really remember what I did. Oh yeah, I went and got some pizza with Nic at the SUB. I vaguely remember seeing Jimmy Kimmel that night too. On TV of course. He had Mike Tyson as a co-host. That’s like eating potato salad that’s been out in the sun for a day and wondering if anal distress is far behind.

On Saturday, I woke up at noon, went downtown and got my pictures developed. I got back around 4pm. I was showing my pictures to people in the study room when Dana came in and invited us to his room for coffee. The man must have the most impressive room in SJC. He had fine rugs on the floor, there were adornments on the wall, and soft music playing. The whole room oozed coziness. There were also plenty of places to sit, including a Lazyboy. Outside his window was a birdfeeder. He had tons of food stocking his shelves. On the counter was a professional expresso machine and a coffee grinder. When we all sat down, Dana circulated a menu from which we were to choose our drinks. This menu could have come straight out of Starbucks.

I chose a mocha. It came in a tall, heavy glass. Dana mentioned that he had made the mochas with microfoam which he said would manifest itself as a velvety coating on our tongues. It totally rocked!

After a period of drinking and chit-chat, we all thanked Dana and departed. Stephanie invited me out to dinner with her, Bruno, and Evelyn. About a half hour, we were on our way to Locus on Main. Unfortunately, the place was packed and we settled on this little place called the Montmartre Cafe. The decor was quaint and very French. The food was good. Afterwards, we went and had coffee at The Fine Grind.

We got back pretty early, but I pissed the time away working on my site. The rest of evening I spent watching TV.

I did nothing today other than watching that awful Canucks game, working a job application, and your average dicking around.

For the last weekend before finals, I’m taking this pretty damn casual. The calm before the storm I guess.

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