On Sunday morning, I awoke and discovered someone had placed a carrot stick in front of my door. It was alined parallel to the my door, which led me to believe some form of intelligence had placed it there.

The placing of objects in front of or near people’s doors in SJC has been documented in the months past. Past objects have included toys such as dinosaurs and figurines. Once a “Caution : Wet Floor” standee was placed in front of Karen’s door. Well, actually I only did that once but that’s not important.

This is the first time I’ve had someone place an object in front of my door. Later in the day, my investigation revealed that Lesley down the hall also had a carrot stick placed in front of her door. Was it someone in common between Lesley and I? Or was this a deliberate clue to throw us off?

If I had crime scene tape, I would have taped the area off but I was relegated to just stepping around it. I nearly panicked when Rhonda inadvertently stepped on it Sunday night, but the carrot stick did not explode.

The object remains where I found it. It appears to be losing mass as the water content in it is dropping. The cleaning staff appears to want no part of this.

The mystery deepens… or is drying out at the very least.

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