UPDATE: It appears they’ve taken a whole bunch of their old photos off the Internet. Sorry. It happened just shortly after I wrote this post. Coincidence, or not?

Are you ever bored surfing the Internet? Looking for something new? Sure you are. I got this link off of Paul Katcher, but I thought I’d share it with you.

It’s the web site for a company called Spirit World Productions. They organize themed parties in Las Vegas and other areas. Some of their previous parties include The Rubber Rodeo, The Naughty Schoolgirl, and Sorority Sex Kittens. The above photo was taken from one of their Halloween parties.

They must have a genius in their marketing department because they take a million photos from each of their parties, and they have the savvy to put them on the Internet. I assure you, going through these photos is worth your time. A slight warning, for the most part there is no nudity, but I think I may have seen half a nipple in one photo… lol. Oh, and on the main page, there’s a loud and annoying background music track that plays which essentially betrays you to your co-workers, signaling that yes, indeed, you are not working. But who cares, it’s pictures of hot chicks at parties, what else are you going to do at work?

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