I’ve been around the world and back today… well, not really, but it sure feels like it.

My day ended at 2pm and I needed to go back to my parents’ place to get some text books and a few other items. Using public transit, I managed to get back to Port Moody by 4pm. I managed to find everything I needed. My father was going to meet my mom after work, so I caught a ride with him down to Chinatown.

We all met up at Pho Van, my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Vancouver. I’m tempted to call it the best pho joint in the city, but Nate Wawruck swears the best place is on 21st and Main. So until I try that place out, I can only say Pho Van is my favourite. And oh man, is it good at Pho Van. Of all the pho I’ve tried in my entire life, I have not sampled a better bowl than the ones they serve at Pho Van. The broth is so aromatic, it borders on being intoxicating. When you finally sip a tiny bit of it from your spoon, the richness of it nearly overwhelms you. The goodness doesn’t end there. Pho van uses only the finest cuts of beef for their pho. Their bowls of pho tai are world-class. The beef almost melts in your mouth. All their other dishes are just as good. To top it off, they have a big screen TV in the dining area and they play DVD movies all the time. A movie and some pho, how could you go wrong? So, if you’re ever in the neighbourhood of 633 Main St., look for Pho Van on the second floor!

Well, after having a bowl of pho tai, I was content to just sit there, but I had to take leave of my parents and headed downtown. While there, I purchased some school supplies. After I was done, I got on a #4 bus to UBC. As I got on, the driver said, “Don’t put your money in, the machine’s broken, just get on…”

Sweet, two dollars saved! This is how millionaires start their fortunes. After an uneventful ride home, here I am.

From UBC to Port Moody, to dowtown, and back to UBC, all in half a day.

Now, I’ll leave you with a link to try. Over the holidays, I was bored one night and wound up at the Nokia web site. I found their ring tones section which is weird since my phone can’t even load new tones. I spent almost an hour listening to all the various tones. I just had to know what Ghostbusters sounded like on a cell phone. Go take a listen for yourself (Real Player required).

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