Tonight, I was really, really hungry. I hadn’t eaten much all day and dinner wasn’t to my liking. Around 11pm, I took off to the Country Style in the village. I was going to get a sandwich and some doughnuts. As some of you know, I’m hypoglycemic, so my glucose levels can drop very low and very quickly. I was kinda in that state when I went, so I wasn’t mentally that sharp.

Anyways, I get my sandwich and doughnuts, pay, and leave the place. On the way home, I realized at I had just paid $8.71 for a club sandwich and three doughnuts. Holy crap, I thought. That’s gotta be wrong.

So, I checked the CS web site and sure enough, I’ve been overcharged almost $2! I didn’t get a receipt, so I don’t have any proof. Still, I’m going to e-mail Country Style HQ and tell them what kind of crap is going down on campus.

I’m on holidays so I can afford to waste an entire day over $2.

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