I’m still formulating my letter to Country Style. Two dollars is no laughing matter. When the stakes are this high, you want to choose your words carefully.

I can tell you it pretty nice to be on holidays. I don’t have to do anything all day. I woke up at noon today. I bummed around, played Medal of Honor : Spearhead, and ate what little food I had. At 4pm, I went and got a haircut. It was so pleasant to leave campus two days in a row! After the haircut, I went and met Arash and Lindsay at Swiss Chalet. Delightful!

As always, Swiss Chalet did not disappoint, though our server Earl did. Why is this guy so damn slow every single time?

We all returned to SJC afterwards. I played more Spearhead aided by Nic’s sharp eye. Later, I baked chocolate chip cookies and dispersed them to the deserving parties.

For the rest of the week, I’m lookng forward to watching some movies, buying some new shoes, some more shopping, and catching up with old friends! This holiday stuff isn’t too bad!

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