They say the holidays are a busy time, but I can’t say that’s the truth for me this year.

Today, I signed a card and chipped in for the gift for my supervisor. Whoops, I hope she’s not reading this.

I also did laundry. Someone gave me a copy of all the season one and season two episodes of The Family Guy on CD. Thanks Heather!

That was the extent of my day. I tried to co-ordinate lunch between friends. The logistics maybe difficult.

I did also find two interesting pieces of news. The first was that the long-delayed opening of the on-campus liquor store is going ahead. With the new construction going on at the Village, a new liquor store was slated to open. The inventory was moved in and the store was ready to go. Then, the wise, wise Campbell provincial government decided to get out of the liquor selling business. The on-campus liquor store was held in stasis, neither completely shut-down nor was it open either. Thousands of dollars was spent on this location, yet it appeared the government was going to let it go to waste, all in the name of “saving money”. I was speaking to Marcia earlier this weekend and the rumour was that Campbell’s sister-in-law wanted the retail space that the liquor store currently occupied.

We were certain that if indeed the liquor store was scrapped, and his sister-in-law moved in, we would have a conflict of interest on our hands. I almost wanted the liquor store to close after hearing that juicy rumour.

However, Marcia informed me today, that in fact, the liquor store will open soon. Oh well, I guess the province has lost an opportunity to oust our premier. We do get an on-campus liquor store though.

The second piece of news I received was that Pittsburgh Penguins forward Kris Beech was in hospital after undergoing an emergency appendectomy. Kris’ brother, Ryan and I are good friends. I met Ryan several years ago while we were living in Hamber at UBC. The Beech family was kind enough to let me attend Kris’ draft into the NHL, where he was taken 7th overall.

It looks like Kris will be okay, but he’ll be out several weeks before he can return to the ice. Let’s hope Kris has a speedy recovery and can join Mario back on PP soon.

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