My lunch arrangements are done. I am meeting Martin tomorrow on-campus and on Thursday I’m meeting Joanna and Chris at Swiss Chalet.

Martin and I used to work at Cypress Solutions. This was a dark period in my life, and Martin was one of the few good things to come from working there. He’s working as an electronics technologist at the Chem department. He says we have a lot to talk about. I am looking forward to it.

Today, I went downtown again. The plan was to buy a small gift for a friend, and some Christmas cards. I did that easily, but then I wandered into Banana Republic. There was really no reason to go there. There were no gifts to buy there. However, as I perused the items, I found the pair of pants I’ve been looking for over a year. They are the replacements for the pair of khaki jeans I’ve been looking for. I love these pants. They fit really well, which is rare for me. It wasn’t cheap, but I know it’ll be worth the money I paid.

Speaking of money, I’m poor. I don’t think I’ve been this poor before. During undergrad, I always had scholarships, and then I worked during the summer for the co-op program. This time around, I’m paying for everything out of my own pocket. It sucks. I guess I won’t be buying more stuff at Banana anytime soon. I may get a loan. I’m going to buy more lottery tickets.

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